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智慧電網 IEC61850
Public Safety
Aerospace Defense
Digital Broadcast
8183A NetClock
9383 NetClock
9388 NetClock
9389 NetClock
EC1S Clock
EC2S Clock
EC2S-RB Clock
EC20S Clock
EC22S Clock
EC2T Clock
EC31M Clock
EC3S Clock
8194B GPS Master
8195B GPS Master
8197B GPS Master
NetClock IP Sync
NetClock Wireless
TimeView Display
SAS-E Switch
7535-001 Amplifier
8140 Distribution
8143 Signal Amplifier
8144 Clock Amplifier
8140VT VersaTap
8179T TimeTap
9388 Time Server
TEK Retimer Filter
ESSU Sync Supply
Custom Solutions
CNT-90 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer
CNT90XL Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer
CNT91/91R Timer/Counter/Analyzer/Calibrator
CNT85/85R Frequency Counter/Calibrator
TimeView Modulation Domain Analyzer Software
PicoTime Pico Second Resolution Test Set
GPS-12R Portable GPS Rubidium Frequency Standard
6688 (6689) Stand-alone Frequency Standard (Rubidium)
GPS-88 (GPS-89) GPS Metrology Frequency Standard (Rubidium)
2200/2240 Path Align-R Antenna Path Alignment Test Set
DA-35, DA-36 Frequency Distribution Amplifiers
STA-61 Sync Tester/Analyzer

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Spectracom公司開發和銷售全球衛星定位系統(GPS)網路時間同步伺服器以及其他用以控制發射器頻率控制的高精度裝置。該公司成立於1972年。今天,一萬五千多家企業和組織採用了Spectracom公司的時鐘同步產品,以改善經營的效益,使資訊網路同步,使安全系統同步,精確而連貫地記錄需要表示官方時間(Legally Traceable Time®)的事件。Spectracom公司的時鐘有無線和有線、數位和類比方式,用戶使用這些時鐘,可以在需要的時候顯示同步時間。該公司生產的高精度頻率控制產品向用戶提供GPS頻率基準,用以調校、測試和測量,數位電視、地面移動裝備的暫態播放、網路通訊同步等。這些產品的市場是通訊、教育、娛樂和旅館、金融、政府管理(包括各個層次上的管理)、健康、製造、醫藥市場以及公共安全、遠端通訊、運輸和公共服務。

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Frequency Counters/Analyzers   


Leading Time and Frequency Counter/Analyzers and Microwave Frequency Counters,

featuring ultrahigh speed and resolution with advanced graphics, zero dead-time, Allan deviation,

Modulation Domain Analysis and overall high-performance.


CNT-90 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer


CNT-90XL Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer


CNT-91 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer
CNT-91R Frequency Calibrator/Analyzer


CNT-85 Frequency Counter
CNT-85R Frequency Counter/Calibrator


TimeView Modulation Domain Analyzer SW

Emulation of Agilent 53310A MDA (TimeView 3)


安捷倫53310A模擬 MDA(TimeView3)

PicoTime Pico Second Resolution Test Set




Frequency Standards

Achieving the highest precision and reliability of any frequency and time reference standards with GPS and Rubidium stability.


GPS-12R (GPS-12RG)
Portable GPS Rubidium Frequency Standard (GLONASS/GPS)

GLONASS/GPS 可攜式  標準頻率產生器 (銣原子鐘)

PicoTime Pico Second Resolution Test Set


6688 (6689) Stand-alone Frequency Standard (Rubidium)

獨立式 標準頻率產生器(銣原子鐘)

GPS-88 (GPS-89) GPS Metrology Frequency Standard (Rubidium)

GPS 計量式 標準頻率產生器(銣原子鐘)


2200/2240 Microwave Antenna Alignment Systems

Microwave antenna alignment solution for accurate antenna alignment which is critical for optimizing microwave link reliability


2200/2240 Path Align-R Antenna Path Alignment Test Set



DA-35, DA-36 Frequency Distribution

Frequency Distribution Amplifiers for high performance fiber optic or coax transmission and distribution of signals to multiple locations.


DA-35, DA-36 Frequency Distribution Amplifiers



ST-61 Synchronization Tester/Analyzer

Our new generation of modular and portable synchronization test and analysis instruments for traditional and next-generation networks.


STA-61 Sync Tester/Analyzer




Bus-Level Timing Boards



Synchronize one or more computer-controlled systems to a time code, providing accurate timing, time stamps for external events, time-based interrupts, and frequency reference.

Applications include secure military communications, satellite ground stations, aerospace technologies, simulation testing, test ranges, power utilities, and process control systems.


PCI busPCI busPCI busPCI busPCI express bus
PCI timing boardPCI timing boardPCI timing boardPCI timing boardPCI express bus timing
IRIG reference
GPS reference
IRIG reference
GPS reference
Time code reference with GPS option
CPCI busCPCI busPMC busPMC busIP module
cPCI timing boardcPCI timing boardPMC timing boardPMC timing boardIP bus timing card

IRIG reference

GPS referenceIRIG referenceGPS referenceIRIG reference
VME busVME busPC104 busPC104 bus 
VME timing boardVME timing boardPC104 timing boardPC104 timing board 
IRIG referenceGPS referenceIRIG referenceGPS reference 


Master Clocks



A master clock can be known as a reference clock, time standard, network clock, authoritative time source, sync clock, or atomic clock.

But the function is the same: to keep timing systems and secondary clocks (slave clocks) running consistently to improve performance. A Spectracom master clock offers the additional advantage of accuracy and traceability to national and international standards by using GPS and other atomic time sources. NetClock® and Epsilon Clock™ master clocks have been optimized for the specific requirements of many applications and industries including vital communications and command centers, such as 9-1-1 and other public safety answering points (PSAP), aerospace and defense, and telecommunications and broadcasting.


Master Clock Comparison Chart
 network time servernetwork time serverT&F Sync SystemGPS clock moduleGPS clock module GPS ClockRedundant GPS clock
 Time & Frequency ServerNetwork Time ServerT&F Sync SystemCompact GPS Clock GPS ClockGPS ClockGPS ClockRedundant GPS Clock
Timing ReferenceGPS, IRIG-B, Modem, 1PPS, NTP, (optional SAASM GPS)GPS, Secure GPS (SAASM), 1PPS, Frequency, IRIG, NTP, PTP masters, Serial time codesGPS, E1, 10 MHzGPS, 1PPSGPS, 1PPS, NMEAGPS, 1PPS NMEA, IRIG-BGPS, 1PPS, NMEA
Internal OscillatorTCXO (optional OCXO, Rb)OCXO (2 grades), RbOCXOOCXO (optional Rb)OCXO
OutputsNTP, ASCII time code, alarm, timer, IRIG-B/E, 1PPS, 10 MHzNTP, ASCII time code, alarm, timerNTP, 1PPS, 10 MHz10 MHz, 1PPS, NMEA(4x) 10 MHz, 1PPS, ASCII time codeNTP, (7x) 10 MHz, (7x) 1PPS, NMEA, alarm(2x) NTP, (2x) 1PPS, (2x) 10 MHz, IRIG-B, NMEANTP, 8x 10 MHz, 8x 1PPS, NMEA
Optional outputscontact factory  Addt'l 1PPS/10 MHz/NTP, 5 MHz, T1, E1, PTP, IRIG, STANAG, Serial time codes Additional 1PPS, E1, STANAG, HaveQuick, IRIG-B, other frequenciesAdditional (3x) 10 MHz, (3x) 1PPS  
Front panel display22 optional2 Y  Y
Network managementYYY  YYY
FeaturesNetwork & security featuresNetwork & security features, front panel interface, config-to-order thru modules, extended temp range Front panel interface with EC3S versionOptimized for digital broadcast signals & BTSTime-stamping 4 external inputs2 redundant hot-swapable clock modules


New Products


8183A_NetClock_Master_ClockFAA-Approved Time-Of-Year Clock Model 8183A
  • GPS clock synchronizes FAA IRIG-B systems and computer networks
  • RS-232 FAA IRIG B time code output port providing four separate outputs
  • Replaces GOES TOY clock
  • Front panel Time of Year (TOY) selectable clock display
EC2S_banner.jpgEpsilon Clock™ Model EC2T
  • ITU G.811 GPS PRC
  • 12 channel reception on L1 (1575 MHz) C/A code
  • Continuous Time Integrity Monitoring (T-RAIM)
  • Automatic self survey with robust 0D fixed mode
  • Antenna propagation delay compensation
  • 4 x 2.048 MHz sine wave outputs



Modular System

GPS 時間/頻率 同步系統

Time & Frequency Synchronization System

  • Modular, secure synchronization system for mission critical networks
  • Internal precision time-keeping via OCXO or Rb oscillator
  • Supported input/output signals (type and quantity dependent on signal and configuration):
    • GPS, Secure GPS (L1/L2, SAASM)
    • 1PPS
    • Frequency (10 MHz, 5 MHz)
    • IRIG
    • HaveQuick/STANAG
    • E1/T1
  • Modular (configure-to-order) ruggedized shock and vibration-tested chassis
  • Exceptional Operating Temperature Range of  -20 C to +70 C
  • High bandwidth NTP performance
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (GigE option)
  • Secure Network Management: enable or disable protocols for encryption, authentication, authorization and accounting
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


9383NetClock Time Server



Network Time Servers    

GPS 網路時間伺服器

NetClock® & Ethernet NTP Servers


Call centers, military installations, federal or municipal agencies, financial services and technology firms, and many other enterprises need precision timing to support network accuracy and efficiency.

Interoperability, network/physical security; and compliance with internal policies, regulatory standards and best practices require time synchronization. For over three decades, Spectracom has been a leader in providing Legally Traceable Time® solutions to meet the needs of the most vital time synchronization applications. The latest 9300 series NetClock® network time servers deliver worldwide, split-second timing to mission critical systems, providing the highest levels of security, ease of management, and reliability. 3 models and numerous options are available for specific applications.

NetClock® & Ethernet Time Server Comparison Chart
 network time servernetwork time servernetwork time server
 Time & Frequency ServerNetwork Time ServerEthernet Time Server
Timing ReferenceGPS, IRIG-B, Modem, 1PPS, NTP, (optional SAASM GPS)Time code over RS-485, NTP
Internal OscillatorTCXO, OCXO, Rubidium (Rb) 
Standard OutputsNTP, time code (2x) RS-232 & (2x) RS-485, alarm/timer (3x) relay
Extra outputsIRIG, 1PPS, 10 MHz  
Front panel display22 optional 
Network management, server, security protocolsDHCP, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, SNMP, SSL, SSH, Syslog, RADIUS, LDAP



PresenTense 網路時間管理軟體


Network Time Management Software

Complete Management Solution for Network Time Synchronization

Manage, synchronize and simplify an entire Windows network referenced to a Stratum 1 Spectracom NetClock® product. Improve interoperability, lower network operating costs, and reduce administrative workloads with PresenTense network time management software. Spectracom ensures all critical operations are synchronized to a millisecond with GPS accuracy.



OEM and Subsystems 

GPS 時間和頻率 OEM板 和 次系統

Time and Frequency OEM and Subsystems

The Epsilon Board™ OEM is a board-level component solution for time and frequency synchronization. A wide variety of external references and synchronization outputs are available. An evaulation kit enables easy integration.

The EB03 is the latest generation OEM board. It is mechanically and electrically compatible with the Epsilon Board OEM II, allowing a smooth transition for those who have already integrated the EB02 in their design. However the EB02 is available for current users.


EBO3 OEM Time and Frequency Module

Epsilon Board OEM Model EB03

The EB03 is a versatile GPS clock OEM module.

  • Inputs: 12 channel GPS, 1PPS, 10 MHz, NMEA
  • Outputs: 1PPS, 10 MHz, NMEA
  • Network management over IP
EBO3 OEM Time and Frequency Module

Epsilon Board OEM Model EB02

The EB02 has been replaced by the EB03. It is still available for existing users.


Primary Frequency References


Epsilon Clocks and Ageless® master oscillators are highly accurate frequency and timing sources locked to GPS. Both Rubidium and oven-stabilized crystal (OCXO) oscillators are available depending on the allowable drift in event of loss of GPS. GPS clocks and master oscillators are ideally suited as a site master clock / oscillator for communication systems for for test and measurement applications. Typical uses include calibration, digital broadcast, land mobile simulcast, narrow band land mobile radio, SMR (specialized mobile radio), paging simulcast, satellite/microwave communication links, T1/E1, cellular telephone, and SDH/SONET and ATM enterprise timing.


8197B Ageless ® GPS Master Oscillator

8197B Ageless ® GPS Master Oscillator

  • Typical applications include satellite/microwave communication links, T1/E1, cellular base station timing, SONET, ATM timing, and broadcast transmitter control

  • Rubidium internal oscillator

  • T1 & E1 timing outputs

  • Optional CTCSS outputs for radio systems

  • Internal distribution amp option

  • Additional 1PPS outputs

Epsilon Clock EC2S-RB

EC2S GPS Clock with Rubidium

  • The Rubidium version of the popular Epsilon Clock 2S

  • 1 PPS, 4 x 10 MHz, and Time of Day outputs

  • Many output options are available including 1 or 5 MHz, IRIG-B, STANAG 4430 (Havequick), frequency synthesizer, and 3 additional 1 PPS

  • 0ptional synchronization to external 1 PPS

  • 1 rack unit high

8195B Ageless ® GPS Master Oscillator

8195B Ageless ® GPS Master Oscillator

  • Same features as the Model 8197B with an OCXO internal quartz oscillator

Epsilon Clock EC3S

Epsilon Clock EC3S with Rubidium

  • Same features as the Model EC2S with the addition of a front panel display and keypad for monitoring and control


8194B Ageless ® GPS Master Oscillator
8194B Ageless ® GPS Master Oscillator

  • Cost-effective solution for calibration, manufacturing test, and frequency control applications

  • OCXO internal quartz oscillator


Time Displays

GPS 網路時鐘

Virtually every enterprise benefits from synchronized time displays - clocks displaying the correct time that is traceable to official time. Truly synchronized operations.

Three types of display clocks are available depending on your application. All utilize a NetClock network time server as the system's master clock. IP clocks synchronize directly via network time protocol (ntp) over ethernet. Clocks can be powered by power-over-ethernet, or 110/220VAC. Wireless clocks are synchronized through a network-based 900 MHz transmitter. Every clock is also a wireless repeater for an extremely reliable wireless mesh network. TimeView® clocks synchronize by 2-wire RS-485 or through an existing UHF voice radio system.

IP Synchronized ClocksNetClock® IPSync IP Synchronized Clocks
  • Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3f (24/110/220 also available)
  • 2.5" and 4", 4- and 6-digit clocks with high visibility red digits
  • 12" and 16" analog clocks
  • Each clock synchronizes to network time server via network time protocol (NTP) or RS-485
  • Network management through web interface
Wireless Synchronized ClocksNetClock® WiSync Wireless Clocks
  • 2.5" and 4", 4- and 6-digit clocks with high visibility red digits
  • 12" and 16" analog clocks
  • Open frequency 900 MHz does not require an FCC license in USA (check with local authorities in other countries)
  • The network-based transmitter interfaces to your LAN
  • Each clock is a repeater to maximize the effective signal strength
RS-485 Clocks and UHF Wireless ClocksTimeView® Display Clocks
  • 2.5" and 4", 6-digit clocks with high visibility red or green digits
  • 12" analog clocks
  • RS-485 (twisted pair up to 4,000 ft) or UHF radio interfaces
  • Event alert LEDs and buzzer options available


Time and Frequency Distribution

GPS 時間/頻率分佈放大器

The effective use of master clocks, time sources and frequency references often relies on distribution devices and systems to provide synchronization where it is needed.

Products include distribution amplifiers with source fault-detection and failover switches for 10 MHz, 1 PPS, T1/E1, and time codes as shown in the chart. Also available are signal converters and product interfaces. A description of all products follows the tables below.

ibution Amplifiers / Failover Switches Comparison Chart
 Switch and Amplifier SystemIRIG amplifierfrequency distribution systemsignal selector and amplifier clock selector and amplifier
 Epsilon Switch & Amplifier SystemQuad (1 to 4) IRIG Buffer AmplifierFrequency Distribution SystemSignal Selector / Amplifier Clock Selector / Amplifier
ModelSAS-E7535-00181408143 8144
Dist AmpYYYY Y
Auto Failover SwitchYNNY Y
Signal1PPS, 10 MHz and time codeIRIG10 MHz10 MHZ (optional 1PPS) T1/E1
Inputup to 21 to 41up to 2 up to 2
Output8 or 16 each 1PPS & 10 MHz, custom outputs availableup to 16110 10
FeaturesRemote management over IP Power over 10 MHz trunk line   


Model Descriptions

SAS Switch and Amplifier System

Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System

SAS-E Switch & Amplifer Systems offer distribution of signals to many devices in applications where timing and frequency is required - now with remote management. SAS-E models offer automated or manual switching between two precision time and frequency sources. If a fault is detected on one source, the other source is used as the reference. Two versions are available. A 1 RU unit distributes up to (x8)10 MHz, (x8)1PPS and (x2)Time of Day output. A 2 RU unit distributes (x16)10 Mhz, (x16)1PPS, and (x2)Time of Day outputs. Customized signal types and quantities are available.
IRIG Distribution Amp

7535-001 Quad/IRIG-B Buffer Amplifier (1 to 4)

The model 7535-001 is a Quad (4) buffer amplifier (1 input to 4 output). Each input is a differential channel routed to four output connectors where every output signal is buffered individually with a unity gain amplifier. This architecture allows four devices to be connected to a single input channel.
8140 Frequency Distribution System
8140 Frequency Distribution System
Spectracom's Frequency Distribution System comprises of the Model 8140 Distribution Amplifier and combinations of Model 8140T LineTaps, Model 8140MT MultiTaps, and Model 8140VT VersaTaps.
8143 Signal Selector/Distribution Amplifier

8143 Signal Selector/Distribution Amplifier

The Spectracom Model 8143 Signal Selector/ Distribution Amplifier detects failure of either input signal and provides manual or automatic switchover between two frequency sources. The selected input is distributed via twelve buffered output line drivers.
8144 Clock Selector/Distribution Amplifier

8144 Clock Selector/Distribution Amplifier

The Spectracom Model 8144 Clock Selector / Distribution Amplifier detects failure of input clock and provides manual or automatic switchover between two clock sources. The selected input is distributed via twelve buffered output line drivers.
8140VT VersaTap

8140VT VersaTap

The standard VersaTap is a single-frequency telecom clock converter whose output is factory-set to 1.544 MHz (T1) or 2.048 MHz (E1). Specify exact frequency at time of order.
8179T TimeTap

8179T TimeTap

A TimeTap converts RS-485 to RS-232 Time Code, allowing the NetClock® time code to reach as many as thirty-two RS-232 devices spanning 4,000 feet

9388 NTP Ethernet Time Server

The Ethernet Time Server, model 9388, is an NTP Time Server that offers system-wide split-second timing information to computers over an Ethernet TCP/IP network. The Ethernet Time Server, Model 9388, is synchronized to an RS-485 time code provided by a NetClock GPS master clock.


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